G’day from Phil – August Newsletter

Posted by on Monday, August 7th, 2017

G’day everyone!

Welcome to the August – hope all of you are enjoying either a not too cold winter or a not too hot summer.

We’re currently all away on our summer holidays to get refreshed to power through to the end of the year – I’m with my family in Cabo San Lucas (we love it there!), Andrew and his family are also in Cabo but stayed a bit further out of town than us, Mike and his girls flew off to the Greek islands (wow!) and Toby took his family northwest up to beautiful Portland and Seattle. From all reports everyone is having a blast so far.


When we’re back we’re going to be working on a number of new changes to the Vegas show and add some new songs and elements. We’re calling the new section of the show the “Juke Joint” – the place where people used to go to hang out and drink, dance and listen to new music. It’s where the name “Jukebox” came from – it’ll be cool, intimate and a whole lot of fun. Come and check it out!


Last month we had the 1-year anniversary of the release of our #1 album “Gimme Some Lovin’: Jukebox Volume II” in Australia – we all remembered how amazing a feeling it was to have the top album in the country. In celebration of the milestone we have actually recorded an acoustic version of Andrew’s original song from the album “Forgive Me Now” – it’s available to watch across all our social media accounts. Hope you enjoy it!




And finally, we have some BIG news coming up for our Aussie fans – might there be a short HN visit home at the end of the year??? Stay tuned to find out!

Cheers everyone – looking forward to seeing you at a Human Nature show again soon!


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