cover_final working02You could say there was a lightning bolt moment from the silver screen that struck four teenage school mates from Sydney, Australia. It was a scene from the movie “Back To The Future” when Marty McFly (after time-traveling back to 1955), takes to the stage and performs the ‘50s doo wop classic ‘Earth Angel’ with Marvin Berry and The Starlighters.

That song and the whole concept stirred something very special inside the four of us. We knew right then, in 1989, just what we had to do: start our own vocal group. We would even make ‘Earth Angel’ our debut performance and call ourselves The 4 Trax. We loved making music together but we didn’t have the instrumental chops to form a rock band so we followed our passion for harmony down our own musical path. Now, after 25 years of making music together, we are still living our dream! And still performing that very song in our live shows.

We completely fell in love with what we started doing and have never questioned why – those doo wop and soul infused harmonies had us hooked.

We sustain a romantic vision that, back in those days, everyone was out with friends, or on a date, in some “juke joint,” dancing and singing to songs blaring from a jukebox. So, with this album, that’s just what we wanted to do: be that group singing these songs from our own jukebox just for you. These are arguably some of the greatest songs of all time from one of the greatest and most influential periods of pop music ever – the ‘50s and ‘60s.

This album is our own very personal musical tribute to not only some of the most popular songs of the time, but the time itself. For us, singing these songs just feels like “human nature” – and as you can see from our photos, we couldn’t really help but take it all the way.

We have admired these classic tunes ever since we first heard them, but surprisingly we have never sung them all before. It’s thrilling for us to offer them to you in our own voice, and with a fresh approach. Shining a new light on such incredible ballads such as ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ and ‘Unchained Melody’ seemed like obvious choices but we could never have imagined they would turn out to be such special recordings for us.

It’s hard to believe throughout our well established love for Motown and soul music that until this album we have never performed one of the greatest soul standards ever to grace a Jukebox playlist – ‘Stand By Me’ – or harmonised before on the Sam Cooke hit ‘Wonderful World’. Both songs just seem to fit the four of us so perfectly. You might say they’ve been waiting for us in a new time and place.

To make this Jukebox our very own, we had to be true to its origins. We took on the bounce and fun of Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs with ‘Stay’ – and one of the last songs to be recorded for this album, the Dion smash hit ‘Runaround Sue’, is now one of its stand-outs.

In our own “back to the future” moment, ‘Earth Angel’ is just one take of the four of us singing together around one microphone in four-part harmony, just like we did it in our earliest days as The 4 Trax – and just how the original doo wop groups who inspired us did it.

Good Lovin’ and ‘Under The Boardwalk’ are two songs we can’t wait to add to our live stage shows as we’ve given them both a signature energy and vocal harmony which is pure Human Nature.

Staying true to where our musical hearts take us, we have also written and recorded an original song inspired by the concept and the music on this album. Titled ‘End Of Days’, we unashamedly pay homage to the saturated harmonies and sweeping soulful ballads of the era. We think you’ll love it as something new among the timeless classics.

There is the sensual slow dance of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, the hop of ‘Twist and Shout’, the singalong fun of ‘Little Bitty Pretty One’ and the complete emotional embrace of ‘Only You (And You Alone)’ which just highlight how incredible songs, given the right respect and soulful touch, will always find a place in time, again and again.

This album has come from such good times and is all “feel good” music. We had a blast doing it! It’s been a career highlight working with Producer Dave Pierce and our Executive Producer, the legendary Bob Rock, helping us to re-discover and re-imagine these incredible songs into what they have now become. We can’t wait for this to become your personal ‘Jukebox’ – from Human Nature, with love.