Clowns, Maybe, but No Tears: How Human Nature got Smokey Robinson's Stamp of Approval " "

Clowns, Maybe, but No Tears: How Human Nature got Smokey Robinson’s Stamp of Approval

Posted by on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Despite all the talk of New Year’s resolutions, clean slates, and fresh starts, it’s a simple fact of human nature (no pun intended) that we all like to take stock of how far we’ve come before jumping into what’s next. In particular, we can’t help but consider the individuals who believed in us enough to lend credence to our goals and turn possibilities into realities. For Human Nature, perhaps the most influential of these supporters is a man they admired long before they had the privilege of calling him a friend. His name, of course, is Mr. Smokey Robinson.

Smokey Robinson

Mr. Smokey Robinson.
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The brief explanation of Smokey’s impact on Human Nature’s career is right there in the title of their Vegas stage show, which will be celebrating one full year at the Venetian this January: “Smokey Robinson Presents Human Nature: The Motown Show.” As fans have come to learn, though, that name has far more meaning to it than your typical showbiz promotional tie-in. In fact, a more accurate title might have been, “Smokey Robinson Believes in Human Nature,” since the genuine interest and support from this Motown legend didn’t just help put Human Nature at the Venetian… it helped them find the ultimate validation for years of hard work.

“The way we got in touch with Smokey was when we were recording our third Motown record in Australia,” recalls Phil Burton. “We wanted it to be a little different from the other two and have something special. So we thought a great way to do that would be to perform some duets with original Motown artists. From there, we were able to get in touch with Smokey, and we were happy to learn that he’d heard of us through our earlier Motown records and liked what we were doing. So he said he’d be happy to work with us.”

Human Nature

The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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For Human Nature, this was basically the equivalent of Michael Jordan agreeing to play on your local basketball team, or Robert DeNiro saying he’d be delighted to appear in your new film.

“And it only got better when we finally did meet him in person,” Burton continues. “He was very receptive and really fell in love with what we did and offered to help us in any way he could. So, just a few years later, he’s now presenting us here in Vegas and is really one of our biggest supporters. And we’re really lucky to have him. I think having him on board, as well as people like the Holland Brothers, Martha Reeves, a member of the Temptations—they’ve all seen our show and have told us, ‘You do a really good job. We’re really flattered that you’re doing what you’re doing.’ So for us, that’s really important to know.”

Not just important, but liberating. As Burton freely admits, Human Nature’s Motown projects were always motivated by strong emotions, and a healthy bit of apprehension and doubt were certainly mixed in with the excitement, passion, and joy.

“When we first started doing this music, we actually worried, are we bastardizing this? Are we kind of roots-stomping all over a great legacy here, or are we actually being sympathetic to it all? And to have these legends tell us they love what we’re doing is just the most amazing compliment. It couldn’t possibly mean more to us.”

Smokey Robinson

Our boys crooning with their friend, the legend.
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As an added benefit of getting Smokey’s stamp of approval, Burton and his bandmates have also been able to take away a few extra lessons from their legendary friend—a Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer who was also integral to running the Motown label’s business with founder Berry Gordy.

“One thing Smokey talked about that’s really stood out to me is when Berry sat down and told everyone in the early days of the label, ‘We’re not just going to make black music here. We’re making music for everybody.’ And that’s what they did. And so for us, that’s one of the big things we’ve gotten from Smokey. The fact that four white guys from Australia are doing this music now is just a justification of their total accomplishment of that goal—to make music for the entire world. You couldn’t get further removed from two black guys in Detroit than four white guys in Sydney. But that just makes them all the more happy that they achieved their goal.”

7 responses to “Clowns, Maybe, but No Tears: How Human Nature got Smokey Robinson’s Stamp of Approval”

  1. Alicia E says:

    I’m lovin that line “you couldn’t get further removed from two black guys in Detroit than four white guys in Sydney!” That is so true. I had a white woman at the last show tell me “if I close my eyes, I would say the guys WERE Black!” That is because the “soul” in their voice and from Funk Foundation is so very much on point, it’s like sitting back at Howard Theater listening to whatever Motown act was appearing! I love these guys to pieces and appreciate them keeping the sound alive and well! Cheers mates.

  2. Deseraé says:

    Beautiful ~ ! Being mentored by the Legend is priceless.

  3. Claudia Martinez says:

    I do believe their path was meant to be cross, best of luck for this group and Mr. Smokey Robinson my love an appreciation to your talent and music.

  4. Stephen Todaro says:

    I got the privilege to make their show on January 3rd at the Borgata. To say the show was good would be insulting. The show was one of the best shows I have ever seen. The guys are remarkable and so talented. When they sang Ooh Baby Baby the crowd gave them a standing ovation. It was that good. Anyone who has a chance to see these guys should grab the opportunity. You will be really entertained.

    • Alicia E says:

      Yes Steve I was also privileged to be at that show as well as the next night. This was a somewhat abbreviated version of the Vegas show and it was aweandsome!!! These guys are like magic and what they do for the music that Smokey authored is remarkable. Very true to the sound but with a bit of a twist that makes it their own! These guys were born to sing this music and keep it alive in our time! Thank God I know them and appreciate their sound! Cheers mates!

  5. Zara says:

    Well deserved guys you deserve it , the way you have represented yourselves and Australia all these years and SMOKEY ROBINSON what a legend you have been blessed to come across.

    Cheers guys

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