Hearts On Our Sleeves: Human Nature Contemplate “The Perfect Valentine's Day” " "

Hearts On Our Sleeves: Human Nature Contemplate “The Perfect Valentine’s Day”

Posted by on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Even the hopeless romantics among us can occasionally get a little cynical about Valentines Day. Here in America, it lands smack dab in the dead of winter—book-ended by the chaos of Christmastime and the misery of tax season. If you’re single, it can be a bit heartbreaking. And if you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be nerve-racking. At its core, though, the eternal draw of Valentines Day is one that transcends the traditions and obligations attached to it. It’s about celebrating love—not just the kind we share with our significant other, but the very emotion itself.  And when it comes to melting the cynic’s icy heart, nothing better communicates the real significance of love like its official language—music.  

Human Nature Live

It should come as no surprise then that Human Nature will be performing to a full house on February 14, as couples young and old head to the Venetian to experience some of the greatest love songs of all time. In the hierarchy of ideal Valentines dates, it’s hard to top a night in Vegas with a first class dinner followed by a show on the Strip and some fabulous Motown music to capture the mood—“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “My Girl,” “I’ll Be There.” Does it get any better?

Of course, if you’re actually one of the fellows scheduled to perform in that Motown show, your goals for a romantic evening might be a bit tougher to pull off. So–if freed of their obligations and left to their own devices– how would the boys in Human Nature plan out their own perfect Valentine’s experience?

“My ideal Valentine’s Day would definitely include chocolates, flowers and a delicious meal,” Phil Burton says. “Each one being a surprise always goes down well, too. Surprise her with flowers during the day, surprise her with either dinner at a beautiful restaurant or a special home-cooked meal if you fancy yourself a budding chef, and then some romantic choccies to finish it all off.”

Phil sounds like a traditionalist at heart. Then again, the next woman to be disappointed with flowers, a home-cooked dinner, and chocolates would be the first.

As for Michael Tierney, he has a more specific destination in mind for his perfect Valentines Day—one inspired by his new adopted hometown.

“One of my favorite romantic restaurants in Vegas is Alize at the Top of the Palms,” Michael says. “It has such an amazing view over the whole city and the food is just amazing. They also have little booth seats that face the windows so it can be very cozy if you want to be close.”

Michael’s older brother Andrew, meanwhile, is more caught up in imminent realities than appealing hypotheticals.  

“I am actually still thinking about how to spend this upcoming Valentine’s Day,” he says. “A fancy dinner would be nice, but my wife is training for a pro bikini competition at the moment so there’s nothing too romantic about tilapia and asparagus for dinner. Maybe I could arrange it in a heart shape? I must say, though, that one of my best efforts a few years back was making her a special dessert that actually took two days of preparation. I then had it laid out for her when she came home from work– back in Australia. I think doing something that shows how much time and effort you really want to sacrifice for the one you love– just to make them feel special– is always a good idea in my book.”

Whether you’ll be in Las Vegas for the Human Nature show, out for a fancy dinner in your own part of the world, or just having a quiet night in with some wine and an album of Motown classics… there is no “wrong” way to spend Valentine’s Day so long as you take some time to stop in the name of love.

Epilogue: The Perfect Song for the Perfect Valentines Day

Now here’s a little detail that often gets overlooked amidst the flowers and chocolates. As we all know, any romantic moment can be amplified with the right soundtrack. It might be a violinist serenading you at a café or Barry White getting you in the right mood in the bedroom. So how about Valentines Day? What songs might be perfect to accompany some of the romantic ideas hatched by the Human Nature gents above?

Well, for Phil’s beautifully choreographed day of surprises for his Valentine, we’re going to suggest Smokey and the Miracles’ classic “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me.”


For a high rise, high class Vegas Valentines dinner like the one Michael mentioned, The Elgins’ “Heaven Must Have Sent You” seems like a fitting tune for taking in that view from above.





And if you are indeed fortunate enough to be welcoming home your bikini model wife with a home cooked meal, might as well have Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” playing when she comes in. It’s important this social contract is well understood!

2 responses to “Hearts On Our Sleeves: Human Nature Contemplate “The Perfect Valentine’s Day””

  1. Alicia E says:

    What a great blog! Love the plans you all have made (at least in your head)! I will be front row for Valentine’s day and the 4 men in my life will be singing their hearts out for me! What better way for a single gal to spend a day of love with the people she loves, giving love! xoxo HN

  2. Amy Santroni says:

    Your fans will be in for a real treat most definitely on Valentine’s night with all the beautiful love songs you will be singing.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Human Nature and enjoy the celebrations with your lovely ladies!

    See you this Summer…
    Hearts Hugs and Kisses

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