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Jukebox: The Ultimate Playlist Is Out Now!

Posted by on Friday, November 3rd, 2017


So we all wanted to send a letter out this week saying how thrilled we are about our new album Jukebox: The Ultimate playlist being out right NOW.


Of all the albums we have made in our career, this is one we are most proud of. Amazing songs, truly unique HN versions, some originals inspired by the whole Jukebox era and just a whole lot of great music and fun. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on a copy yet, we are so glad you can now – everywhere in the world.


We have a pretty cool week trying to get the word out as much as possible and we start this morning in NYC on the TODAY show with a live performance of 2 of our favorite tracks. Tune in from 10.45am across the US or 1.45am (Saturday morning) if you’re back home.


Get Jukebox: The Ultimate Playlist here!




We recently announced some US Tour dates for next March too which is going to be a blast – taking our show across the country is something we always try and fit in and around our Vegas schedule so the current dates are listed and on sale. We are already getting excited for the shows. Tickets are on sale now, pick up yours here.




Between now and Christmas, we plan to pop up here, there and everywhere including the PBS Special airing just after Thanksgiving (check your local listings for times) so here’s to a Happy ‘Jukebox’ Season for you all and thanks as always for your incredible support.


Andrew, Mike, Phil & Toby

One response to “Jukebox: The Ultimate Playlist Is Out Now!”

  1. Amanda Guild says:

    Hi Guys

    Was all set to watch NBC Today Saturday in Australia which is actually on 10 am on 7two and they didn’t show either of your performances. Saw half of one of your performances online, but it kept cutting out. So disappointed we didn’t see it on tv in Oz.

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