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Posted by on Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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LAS VEGAS, NV – December 31, 2016

Well 2016 is almost over – what a year hey?! For me personally it has been one of the greatest years of my life with the preparation and arrival of Heather and my little angel Violette – what a true blessing she has been.

Human Nature has had an enormous year too with the new show Jukebox launching in Las Vegas and then our first #1 in 10 years with “Gimme Some Lovin’ – Jukebox Vol. II” back home in Australia in July – all amazing stuff.

Christmas was a real highlight, and gave us a chance to change up the show to celebrate with a whole bunch of our fans here in Vegas for the holidays. We had a blast singing some of our all-time favourite songs again and dusting off some Christmas dance steps – you can’t beat the Rudolph antler step – thanks Shannon (our choreographer)! 

It does honestly seem crazy how many amazing iconic stars have left us through the year though and most recently, the loss of George Michael was personally a real sadness to me. I have always loved George as a singer and songwriter and have to say he has been one of major influences on me as a pop artist. You can hear a little bit of “Faith” in the song “Telling Everybody” Mike and I wrote with our good buddy Paul Begaud for our very first album. He was a true blend of Pop and Soul and always made everything he did sound like it was meant just for him. Our version of “Last Christmas” has really stayed with us all our career and recently we sang it as a tribute in the Human Jukebox section of our show to send our respect his way. His music will be part of my personal Jukebox forever.

I have to say my greatest moment of 2016 though happened on November 6 at 12:36pm, when my incredibly gorgeous wife Heather gave birth to our heaven-sent angel Violette Faith Tierney. I have always been happy being the self-proclaimed “cool and crazy” Uncle but becoming a Dad is truly the greatest gift God could give me in this life. She is so precious and life will never be the same – only better.

Baby V is coming on the road for the first time in Feb which brings me to something I can’t wait for 2017 to deliver, which is our tour! I can’t wait to perform together with the guys for you all across the country on what we are calling our Ultimate Jukebox Tour. We are pumped to be bringing our full band direct from Vegas to play for you all too – many of whom have never set foot in Oz before so it’s going to be a blast!

Expect some pop-tastic flashbacks, great singing, great moves and just a whole bunch of great music – plus we are welcoming back Dancing With The Stars superstars Masha and Aric as our dancers again to bring a little romantic flare to the Jukebox.

I think since doing our 60 Minutes interview earlier in the year with good mate Karl Stefanovic, even more Aussies have been coming to hear us sing in the Sands Showroom at The Venetian – nothing beats seeing our fellow countrymen look proud to watch us bring that stage to life – it’s the best compliment we could ever get. My favourite fan gift for the year could be the personalized jar of Vegemite – gotta love the taste of home.

I also got to spend a day in NYC over Christmas this year after we returned to The Borgata in Atlantic City to give them their first taste of Jukebox on the East Coast. NYC has always been my most-loved city in the world and with the snow flurries and Christmas Tree in The Rockefeller Center this year, it lived up to all its glory. I heart NY.

One of the funniest YouTube clips I’ve seen recently was Conan O’Brien interviewing Kevin Hart in the gym — check it out…very funny stuff! I also loved Bruno Mars in James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke (what a fantastic idea that is for interviews) – it has really become a defining idea for him as a host and media personality.

Well, signing off for now, but can’t wait for another amazing year to roll around and I pray you all have a safe and amazing 2017. See you for The Ultimate Jukebox shows in February in Australia!

Best always,


May Newsletter | New album, new tour, one busy month!

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LAS VEGAS, NV – May 29, 2016

Hey everyone, I’m finally reflecting on the last month, and I’ll give myself a small break – because to say the least, it’s been busy! 🙂 The highlight of the month for HN has definitely been finally launching the new live Jukebox show in Vegas at The Venetian!

I know you’ve all heard a lot about it but for the four of us, it really felt like such a cool creative achievement to finally open the show and have the fans witness what we’ve been developing for almost 18 months. Of course, there were some hiccups along the way but I’m proud to say that the wheels never fell off and on literally the first night we ‘pressed play’ so to speak, without having done a full beginning-to-end run of the entire show EVER with full production – the audience loved it and we had smiles from ear to ear. We did it! If you’re passing through Las Vegas soon, we’d love for you to come and check out the show!

We’re now eight weeks in, and the reviews and reactions have been awesome – so many visitors in from back home, that all the Aussie talk makes us feel like we are almost home each night. We even sing the audience’s favourite ‘Australian’ song every night – lots of fun.

Once we got the show up and running, we moved our focus to finishing the new album “Gimme Some Lovin’ – Jukebox Vol. II” which is so much fun — some of the songs are already in the new show. We couldn’t wait to get back into the Jukebox world again and just have the most awesome time creating our versions of some more all-time classics. A number of the tracks we actually recorded completely live on the studio floor with the band and the four of us all performing together.

You see, this type of thing all the time in the movies but it NEVER normally happens these days. Even the seasoned session musicians we had on the record had never done it for real in their entire careers. It was such a treat and sounds so fresh on the album. Also, another new song of mine that I wrote for us is amongst the new set of recordings and I can’t wait for you all to hear the entire finished album soon. We’ll be announcing six songs off the album on Twitter over the weekend, and as one of our VIP Newsletter subscribers, you’ll be receiving the full tracklisting on Monday night!

We had fun shooting some video performances last weekend with a gorgeous dance couple from the US version Dancing With The Stars — Emma Slater and Aussie dancer Henry Byalikov. They look amazing and were bringing their own unique brand of sexy to the new Jukebox show.

The idea to bring our Vegas show for one night only to Sydney was a bit of a surprise to us all, but it’s going to be unreal. It’s almost sold out and we are just about to release a final section of seating, but just the thought of performing to a home crowd gets us excited all over again and we are feverishly planning a full national run as soon as we can.

I can’t wait to start watching the new season of Game Of Thrones and my favourite YouTube clip this month was a spoiler, so don’t watch if you don’t want to hear some anecdotes from the latest season. The clip is Kit Harrington on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon talking about Jon Snow – very funny!

Talk to you all soon. I’m off to soundcheck now for the first show of the week here in Vegas – I hope someone requests Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” tonight… I like singing that song!



October Newsletter | Halloween, Star Wars & working with Delta

Posted by on Friday, October 30th, 2015


LAS VEGAS, NV – October 30, 2015

Hey Guys,

What a great month it has been for us here!

We’ve had so many Aussies in to the Venetian to catch our shows lately, it almost feels like we are back home sometimes. Thanks for all the love and can’t wait to sing for more and more of you guys as the show continues. One of the great things about playing where we do is that we get people from all over the world vacationing in Vegas and then coming to see the show – it’s really fantastic to meet so many new people and have them get to know HN.

One of the highlights of the last few weeks has been getting to collaborate with the amazing Delta Goodrem. For those of you who aren’t Aussies, Delta is a wonderful and famous singer from Australia and someone we have been a fan of for years so to get together and make some festive magic with her on the song “Let It Snow” was just awesome. We loved our Christmas Album so much that we wanted to go back and add some new songs to it. My next favourite is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” I have always loved this song but I feel we have found a really unique take on it for ourselves and I hope everyone likes it to get in the Christmas spirit this year too.

Halloween is almost upon us here and we will of course show you pics of the outfits – we missed Halloween last year being back in Oz to release our Jukebox album, but the costumes should be back in force for 2015… stay tuned. We even did a spooky ‘By Request’ to keep in the Halloween mood – it’s such a fun holiday. The party is at my house again this year and we’ve decided to make it more about the kids this time (yeah right!) — trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood and lots of Candy (or lollies for us Aussies).

My favourite YouTube clip at the moment might just have to be the full trailer for the new Star Wars movie. I love movies in general and the kid in me just won’t calm down about this one. I hope it lives up to expectations but I love the idea of a new Star Wars movie – the first one came out when I was 3!!!

Have a great month guys and see you all soon,