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JUKEBOX Album Now Available in Australasia

Posted by on Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Buy The New Album Now:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HN.Jukebox

Sanity: http://smarturl.it/HN.Jukebox.SN

JB Hi-Fi: http://smarturl.it/HN.Jukebox.JB


On JUKEBOX, the four-piece takes a trip back to the glory days of popular music — the hits of ‘50s and ’60, when the jukebox was the party-starter. It’s a selection of works which shaped popular culture, of good times embedded into music.  “We wanted to record this album just to have a chance to approach those classic songs of the jukebox era of the ‘50s and ‘60s,” explains Toby.  “They’re such iconic songs that had a whole lot of harmony in them and they’re actually songs that had a really big influence on us when we were first starting out.”


Jukebox Track Listing:

1.    Will You Love Me Tomorrow

2.    Runaround Sue

3.    Under The Boardwalk

4.    Stand by me

5.    Good Lovin’

6.    Unchained Melody

7.    Stay

8.    Wonderful World

9.    Only You (You Alone)

10. Little Bitty Pretty One

11. I Only Have Eyes For You

12. End Of Days

13. Twist and Shout

14. Earth Angel


JUKEBOX is much more than just a hits set. For Human Nature, it’s a milestone recording. It’s the band’s 11th studio album, and its release will mark a quarter century since Human Nature formed. JUKEBOX is the group “coming full circle,” notes Andrew. “It’s going back to how we started, singing doo wop. So, this was the era when vocal groups were the biggest and the boldest and that’s what Jukebox is to us — being the group we always wanted to be.”


JUKEBOX is the album Human Nature had to grow-up to make. The members of the quartet took full control of creative direction and vocal arrangements for the project. “I guess JUKEBOX has extended the idea for us of who we are as musicians,” explains Toby. “When we were approaching all the Motown music, there was a lot of detail to the music that we only truly appreciated later on. Similarly, with the JUKEBOX music, a lot of it is really fun music and it sounds like its simple, but when we get into recording it there was a lot of intricacy. Had we been a younger group we might not have approached it in the same way. We’ve learned a lot recording Motown and now recording the JUKEBOX record.”


“This album has come at the perfect time for us,” notes Andrew on the upcoming JUKEBOX release. “It’s the celebration of us being together that long, a celebration of how we started and it’s the perfect record to make at this point of our career. It’s also a culmination of 20 successful years with Denis Handlin and his team at Sony Music – we’re family and with a partnership of this nature, we’re in through thick and thin with one universal drive; our passion for music and all it can achieve for our fans and our combined love of what we do.  This new album represents who we are as Human Nature, all we are and all we strive to be as artists. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved making JUKEBOX come to life.”

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