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July Newsletter – Update from Andrew

Posted by on Monday, July 10th, 2017

Hey Everyone,

I really hope June has been a great month in your lives. I chose my Birthday month to be my newsletter month and between the celebrations for that and my first Fathers Day (Yeah, Fathers Day is in June in North America…), it’s been a pretty awesome time for me personally.

The Jukebox Show at the Venetian has been continuing to have great crowds and fun nights of singing and dancing .. we even did our first Youtube live stream (with the camera sideways to make it interesting and more artsy!!!!) and look fwd to doing more of that from our ‘homeground’ throughout the year.



My first Fathers Day was such a blessing and I really can’t fathom how my little Violette can be quite so beautiful and perfect .. I know all you parents out there must feel the same about your little precious ones so i will never forget my first Fathers Day. She really is an amazing gift from God and I’m loving every minute I get with her — I hope you like seeing my overwhelming IG posts of her … if you got it, flaunt it I say :))

Here’s a snap from my La La Land themed Birthday thrown by Isabel. Violette didn’t get the ‘smile… it’s Daddy’s Birthday’ memo.



On another front, we have seen edits now of the PBS special we filmed last month and honestly, I think it’s one of the finest things we have created … it was an intense creative process but we worked with a such a passionate and killer team to film it so it was worth the hours of rehearsals and multi day shoots. It has come out so well that  we have decided now to hold off broadcasting it ’til the end of the year here in North America (and Australia soon after we hope) but we will tease bits and pieces across the months leading unto that. Exciting stuff. Also we want to thank the supporters who managed to come to the shows to help be such an incredible audience … look out for yourselves in the crowd shots!!!





It sure is heating up here for Summer in Vegas and apologies for the pasty white legs sticking out of shorts whenever we might post from soundcheck … some of us aren’t the typical ‘bronzed Aussies’ but we’re enjoying the heat and the pool season for sure. 

July looks set to be another busy show month and then the 4 of us take a quick break before settling into a creative second half of the year … however in typical Human Nature style of keeping busy, we are currently working on some new elements to our Las Vegas Jukebox residency show – we have so many new songs that we’re creatively working into the show – think of it as as new reason to come back and see us if you’re here in Vegas, from other US states or some of our incredible Australian and international fans that come to Vegas …. More news on this soon but here’s a tip ….. Announcements are only weeks away !  

Don’t forget, you can also bag yourself 25% off all tickets to our Jukebox show by adding the following promo code at the checkout – Soc25

Finally, we plan to do lots more online activity ongoing so if you aren’t already following Human Nature – here’s where you can find us – there’s always lots of unique things we are trying – new song performances, small pieces to camera, other posts that hopefully keep you entertained and a part of our HN family and community!

Stay cool (if it’s warm) and warm (if it’s cool) and I look fwd to chatting with you all again next time.

Love always,


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  1. MyNameIsSake says:

    That’s really impressive Andrew love your June newsletter ❤️

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